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Korea checklist

I've been in Korea 16 months total and there are some things I just never got around to do. Now in the coming 3 months starting from March 3, I have to make sure to do these.

Go to the Hello Kitty Café.

Go to a Korean Sauna.

Go to Inkigayo.

Take nice pictures at the representative sites in Korea: Dongdaemun Gate, Namsan Tower, Palace.

Ride the Namsan Tower Cable Car.

I'm sure I might come up with some more, but for now this is it. I will strike out the ones I do.


2012 Resolutions.

1. Look pretty every day. Even if you're only going to WalMart, you could run into a school friend, a relative, or your potential other half. Never leave the house in lousy clothes or messy hair.

2. Never be too shy to approach or talk to someone. You might regret it.

3. Keep your clothes and accesories in order. It's easier to know what you have!

4. Keep your room in a state you feel comfortable with. It's your only personal space after all!

5. You majored in administration, learn to administrate your money! Think twice of what you want to buy. Don't buy just because it is cute or seems like a good deal if you don't really need it.

6. Don't ever spend money on snacks or junk food. Only eat it when offered to you or when socially necessary (Ex. If all your friends want to go for ice cream)

7. When eating out, try choosing the cheapest thing in the menu (if undecided between two options)

8. Always help your parents however they ask you to. You have to demostrate how thankful you are for all they do for you.

9. Do not let a day go by where you feel you have done nothing. Either cleaning your room or going outside to take pictures, it's better than sitting on your ass all day.

10. Don't turn down an offer for an outing just because you are tired, or don't know the people who are going, it might be fun!

11. Don't drink more alcohol than you can take unless you are willing to accept the consecuences of making a fool out of yourself.

12. Don't waste too much time on the internet. If you have nothing to do, read a book, practice a new hairdo, study or clean your room.

Exploding of happiness.

I met my favorite korean boyband. Supernova. 초신성. All of the members. And they are so nice and so handsome, all of them.
I'm especially surprised at how nice and friendly they are ^^ Only got a picture with Geonil, but recieved a signature from everyone :D

full fan account full of spazziness and cd picsCollapse )


I used to have it as public because I wanted my irl friends to see my pictures from korea,  but I think now it's better to keep my private stuff, private. Especially with that lame meme thing going on.
So if you want to read my entries, comment and I'll add you to my f-list so that you can see them.
Tell me if you're from omona, youtube or what ^^

*i need to find a pretty graphic for this post

oh hai hongki. it's us, again.

i can't believe i've managed to see this boy (and minhwan+jaejin+jonghun) 3 times in 10 days, i feel like such a hardcore fan and i love it.
seriously everything was crazy yesterday, i almost die to get there (no, seriously. the light turned red and i got stranded in the middle of an avenue after a car almost ran me over).
In the end, everything worked out great. That interview, I hope they don't show it, I made such an ass of myself. I said 'saranghaeyo jeremy' like a thousand times, idek. so awkward.
i love being a (foreigner) fangirl though, it's so full of opportunities.

A part of me hopes I can spot myself in the footage of the last episode and another part doesn't because I seriously looked like shit. I was wearing the same thing I wore to school, my hair was a mess, my make up was a mess. ugh.

Anyway, Pig-rabbit was a great replacement for the Pikachu I gave to Minhwan on Sunday. I'd only spent like a month with it but I was quite attached to it. I hope that kid appreciates it.

Today I had only 2 dollars in my wallet. Our teacher of korean class asked us to go all together for lunch after class today. I had thought she meant to the school cafeteria (where lunch is less than 2 bucks) so I said I could go. But when she said we'd go to another place I had to admit that I didn't have money to go. She said it was okay, that I should go anyway (meaning, i'll lend you money). When we got there it was one of those places where there is a regular zone and a no-shoes zone. She asked if we had a problem with taking our shoes off. I wasn't wearing any socks, so of course I had a problem. She said it was okay but the regular zone was full so we had to wait about 15 minutes to get a table. I felt like shit because that was only because of me and I wasn't even paying, but what could I do?

I ended up crying with embarrasement, but it was nothing too bad. Just a couple silent tears.
I have some money now, it should last until saturday or something. It won't be that hard because I will eat only ramen and kimbap. Cheapest food ever and quite good, if you ask me.
I think next wednesday or thursday I will finally get my scholarship. Thank God.

Man, being a fangirl isn't an easy job, but someone's gotta do it, right?
And if I have to choose between awesome concerts and fanmeetings or food, isn't the answer quite obvious?

ft triple yay

My 'I'm a foreigner' card proved to be very effective once again and I managed to sneak into FT Island's fansign even though I didn't have a ticket.
At 1 pm, the manager of the store snuck me in through the exit door and told me to wait in a little room. I wasn't sure what was going on and I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I didn't prepare what I was going to say to them.

Like 45 minutes later or so, she came back and told me to follow her and even unpacked my cd for me. She put me in line (like 3 girls before me) and OMG THERE THEY WERE.

Minhwan is the most beautiful thing ever. Like, his face is perfection. When I was waiting in line, Jaejin noticed me and gave me a rather enthusiastic HI!! with a gorgeous smile on his face, which i replied just as smiley.
The first one to sign was Jonghun. He is beautiful, but I really couldn't stop staring at Minhwan (his skin and lips and hair and eyes and everything, oh God). One of the staff members told Jonghun I was from Mexico. He was so surprised. He asked Minhwan how they say Hello in Mexico but he didn't seem to hear. I wasn't sure if he had asked that so I didn't say anything. I moved on quite willingly to Minhwan. First of all, I gave him a present I had for him, a stuffed Pikachu doll. I told him it was a gift for him and he said PIKACHU!! and hugged the doll. Then he put it on his lap and signed my cd. I asked him if he liked it and he didn't seem to hear (this boy has to be deaf or something). I moved on to Jaejin. Nothing interesting happened. He signed and then I left the room.

Afterwards of course I regretted not saying more. It was a once in a lifetime moment and it went by so fast :(
I wish I managed to stay in their memory at least for a couple days. I hope Minhwan appreciates his gift (I really loved that stuffed doll, slept with it and all). I'm very thankful to the manager of the store that helped me and I know I was really lucky.

I don't have pictures, sadly. And they all misspelled my name :(
I should have written it out for them....

the hearts next to my misspelled name obviously means that they love me and want marry me (both).

now, i would appreciate your help in this matter. my last time seeing them will be at the bucheon concert on the 19th of december. I want to take a sign but I don't know what to write in it. it should be short and special: nothing like Saranghae Jonghun...

any ideas?


Having nothing to lose except my pride (which i don't hold is such high value anyway), I went to Gangnam today to the store where the FT Island fansign is going to be tomorrow decided to do all I could possibly do now.
a) Bring out my 'I'm a foreigner' card.
b) Beg.

Fortunately the woman in the store spoke some english so I explained her my situation. At first she was just like: "NO, TICKETS. SOLD OUT. NO NO. SORRY SOLD OUT"
And then I started begging and I told her how much I loved them and that I'd come from Mexico and I really wanted to meet them. She said maybe next time. I told her that I was leaving soon and there wasn't next time for me. I thing she felt bad for me because she really seemed like she wanted to help me.
In the end, what I got from her was: 'Come tomorrow anyway, and maybe if there's time, you can buy the cd and I will help you get the signatures"

I proceeded to give her a 90° bow along with a very heartfelt 'KAMSAHAMNIDA!'

Yeah, it's just a maybe, but it's better than nothing. Right now, I have no regrets. Now I have done everything I could. I told her everything I could say and I think she wants to help me, at least.I told her I'd go there tomorrow when the store opened (10 AM). She said it wasn't necessary because the event is at 1, but I have to prove to her how much I want this, right?


Ever since the concert of FTI I've been checking their webpage like, every freaking day, particulary the schedule and fanboard to see if there were any fansign events (because i was sure i saw something about it in the concert)

So, today I was checking the schedule and OMGGGG THERE'S A FREAKING FT TRIPLE FANSIGN ON SUNDAY!!!
I got so damn excited and went looking through the entire website for more info. Then I click on the only place I must not have checked yesterday.


The numbers for the fansign were given out today. At 10 AM.
I totally missed my only chance. I want to cry.

Someone comfort me. I don't even know what to do with myself right now.
The only thing I can think about is going drinking tonight, but that's not going to help at all, right?

FT Island's Concert. Day 2.

The concert on saturday was awesome and after it jaded_skys, was like, 'man, we should come again tomorrow' and i was like: 'ohhh should we? *wants wants*' but we didn't decide it right away. then we met with Krista and Kat and spazzed with them of how the concert had been amazing in every single way. And so, we all agreed to go to the one on Sunday, and buy the best tickets we could find.
I woke up at 8:30 AM. Too nervous, I couldn't sleep. So at about 10 I went to the venue and got us floor tickets. They were 66,000 won each. Went back home and went to emart to grab some ramyun and things i needed and at 2pm went to the venue again.

We got there at around 2:45 and went straight inside. We had AWESOME seats. We were on Jonghun's side, which was awesome because he's my second bias.

When Jonghun was introducing himself I screamt at the top of my lungs 'I LOVE YOU!!!' and I'm 99% sure that heard me. 100% sure that he smiled and %70 sure that he looked my way (not straight at me, but in our direction).

Hongki came to our side of the stage several times and I'm sure he noticed us, like damn sure.
And then at the end part, he asked the audience to stand up and so we stood up and after one song we ran up to the front and we were like, SO DAMN CLOSE. Like, if he had reached his hand, I could have touched him. HE IS SO GORGEOUS, IDEK. Best thing ever, he waved at us and he looked straight at us more than once. I kept shouting for jonghun but he only looked our way like once and he didn't come close. And no chance for minhwan :( I'm sure he heard me because when they were leaving the stage and we were up at the front I yelled at him that I loved him, but they were already leaving :(

Anyway, I'm totally ditchhing SNSD and I'll go see FTI again on december 19th. I can't believe I'm such a hardcore fan after this weekend.

After the concert we went to have mexican food for dinner and then Thea and I went for noraebang. Sang like a bazillion FT Island songs and the obligatory 8282. Thea and I totally have to become the Foreign Davichi and get on Star King, so we have to practice more Davichi songs. Ngl, we completely rock 8282.